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The Importance of Environmental Compliance When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

26 June 2017

It is essential today in our hi-tech world that is constantly threatened with rising rates of harmful pollutants in the soil, water and atmosphere that all businesses hire only commercial cleaning services that comply with environmentally safe use of cleaning products and services. The most respected professional commercial cleaning companies in Australia today all adhere environmental protection measures as mandated by EPA legal requirements.

These eco-friendly office, factory, school and community facility cleaning services understand that all types of cleaning have an effect on the environment. As reputable and concerned business leaders, the owners and operators of these commercial cleaning companies want to limit any possible adverse impact on the premises of their clients and on the surrounding areas of land, water and air. The majority of these cleaning services provide all clients with a written environmental policy and use only eco-friendly equipment, cleansing practices and cleaning agents on all their cleaning jobs.

Important Environmental Compliance Requirements for Reducing Impact on the Planet

Major compliance requirements for limiting and reducing harmful impact on the earth today include the following measures for cleaning:

• Ensuring a Safe Working Environment. – Responsible commercial cleaners provide safety equipment and measures to protect both cleaners and personnel of the business facilities they have been hired to clean. For instance, all electric scrapers, buffers and polishing machinery have automatic turn-off mechanisms to prevent accidents and injuries if they are dropped or fall from scaffolding during cleaning procedures. Scaffolding is carefully checked before and during cleaning for strength and adequate support to avoid any injury to cleaners and the client’s employees. All equipment must meet acceptable standards for low exhaust emissions during the cleaning process.

• Complying With Health and Safety Regulations and Standards. – All equipment must be operated at safe distances from employee working spaces and all public areas in the buildings, factories or schools being cleaned. Safety barriers must be installed around building entrances and exits to protect all staff members of the client company from any bodily harm from flying debris or equipment exhaust emissions during cleaning operations. Only eco-friendly cleaning agents may be used for cleaning, and special care is taken in school building cleaning to protect children from breathing any potentially hazardous fumes or allergens during or after cleaning procedures.

• Providing Environmentally Protective Employee Training. – All members of a professional commercial cleaning team must have undergone environmentally protective cleaning training prior to working for their employer’s clients. They must wear protective clothing, shoes, gloves, headgear and goggles or masks when needed to ensure safety. These workers must also be well trained in all methods of protecting children, office and factory workers and the public in general in and around all cleaning sites while work is in progress. They must also be expert at handling all cleaning equipment and agents, avoiding spills of cleaning products or faulty handling of equipment to ensure on-site cleaning safety for everyone.

• Applying Risk Management on the Job Site. – Management and supervisors of commercial cleaning crews must plan safety measures for each new cleaning job well in advance of its starting date. All equipment must be tested for any malfunctions and missing or damaged parts before each job begins. Only workers experienced in using power cleaning jets and other machinery can be permitted to operate this equipment, and all workers must be well informed about all cleaning products used since even some green cleaning agents can have harmful effects if misused.

For the very best in commercial cleaning safety, security and adherence to all EPA regulations and standards, contact Ausbright Facilities Management now providing body corporate cleaning and varied professional cleaning services to businesses, schools and community buildings in Melbourne and all surrounding regions. This top-rated commercial cleaning company will provide advanced safe, eco-friendly and effective cleaning using the latest equipment, cleaning methods and commercial cleaning products to thoroughly clean and refresh your company or school facilities, restoring them to the bright, appealing appearance you, your staff members and or students desire and deserve.

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