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The Importance of Routine Cleaning in Maternity Health Facilities

12 April 2022

Maternity health facilities typically offer a wide range of services that account for the overall health and wellbeing of children, women, and families.

From newborns to school age, these facilities can help expecting mothers and new parents know more about their children. Other services that these facilities offer include prenatal and well-child care, infant and maternal mortality prevention, maternal and child mental health, child immunisations, newborn screening, and child nutrition. Most of these services are funded by the state and local governments, ensuring that all children and families will be healthy.

Routine Cleaning in Maternity Health Facilities

Maternity health facilities, as mentioned before, are funded by the state and local governments. To ensure that they provide quality services, they must be filled with qualified health care professionals from various fields. Most of them are expected to specialise in maternal and child health services.

Aside from health care professionals, maternity health facilities can be effective in providing quality services if they are cleaned and maintained thoroughly. With clean maternity health facilities, parents and children will be kept safe from diseases thanks to sanitised and hygienic facilities. Clean facilities can also maintain the health of health care professionals, allowing them to attend to the needs of parents and children all the time. Some areas that need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly are floors, toilets, sinks, trash bins, and baby changers. Bathroom consumables must likewise be replenished repeatedly.

Recommended Routine Cleaning Procedures

Different routine cleaning procedures can be done to ensure the cleanliness of maternity health facilities.

For one, maternity health facilities should maximise hospital-grade disinfectants in cleaning high-traffic and high-touch surfaces. Some places where these products can be utilised are door handles, sink faucet handles, water fountain buttons, and vending machine buttons. Another procedure that these facilities should carry out is to follow a two-step cleaning process. The first step of this process is to remove any visible dirt from the surfaces with a general-purpose cleaner. The next step would be the application of a disinfectant. Following this process can help make the surfaces presentable and hygienic.

High-touch surfaces must be cleaned at least once a day. However, during cold and flu season, maternity health facilities should bump up the cleaning frequency to prevent the spread of diseases. Usually, these surfaces must be cleaned around four to 10 times a day.

Clean Maternity Health Facilities with Ausbright

Clean maternity health facilities can prevent germs, viruses, and diseases from growing and spreading. Without these elements, the health of women, children, and all other people inside these properties can be maintained optimally. Aside from maintaining their health, keeping these facilities clean and presentable can also entice more parents to attain their services.

If you want to make your maternity health facilities clean and presentable, you can contact us at Ausbright. We offer a range of services that can be delivered individually or as a package to our clients. We are a flexible organization that understands our clients’ needs. We can likewise customise a cleaning program to suit individual needs and budgets.

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