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The Importance of Staff Training and Development for Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

25 May 2020

Most commercial cleaning companies subject all their permanent full-time or part-time staff to different sets of training and activities for their development. Initial training typically covers lessons about chemicals, material safety data sheets, and occupational health & safety. Through an employee handbook, staff also get to know the policies and rules of their company since work ethics is also crucial in maintaining a holistic work environment.

After going through initial training, the management of a company readily assesses the nominated competencies, skills, and experience of its employees to ensure high calibre professional cleaning and other related works.

The goal of having training and other related activities is for professional cleaners to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that are required for the commercial cleaning sector. Some other importance of staff training and development for commercial cleaning services are the following:

Protect All Employees

Commercial cleaning can be dangerous for people who do not have enough training and experience. This type of activity is even considered as high-risk since dangerous chemical, sharp items, and contagious diseases may be present in a specific area. With adequate training, professionals will be adept at handling the mentioned elements. They can even easily walk on wet and slippery floors, climb or stretch to reach high or low areas, and move frequent repetitive actions.

The knowledge and skills required in using personal protective equipment, measuring dosing and dilution of chemicals, applying first aid measures, maintaining infection control, and many more are all provided by staff training and development.

Maintain Safe Environment

One of the main goals of professional cleaners is to maintain a safe environment of a specific facility or place. With appropriate training and development, these professionals can readily provide individuals or others an environment that is free from safety hazards and risk of infections. After all, professional cleaning does not only eradicate dirt and dust, but it also removes bacteria and germs.

Some knowledge that professional cleaners must possess includes infection control and hygienic cleaning methods. Facilities, including their surface, must be constantly cleaned to a high standard set by the authorities. Difficult elements and finishes are also dealt with by professional cleaning, as long as the cleaning crew uses the right cleaning materials that are discussed during training sessions.

Promote Sustainability

The concept of sustainability is now being implemented by companies around the world. With a common goal of consuming materials without unnecessary waste and expenses, companies now look for essential elements that can make them much more sustainable than ever before. Even cleaning can be sustainable in many ways.

For one, companies now want to dispose of materials that are in line with environmental policy and procedure. They also want to make sure that their surfaces will be less likely to be damaged when certain chemical products are applied. Additionally, they now want to practice effective waste segregation and maintenance of equipment and materials. All these practices can be readily provided by cleaning professionals who have undergone training and skills development.

If you want to hire cleaning professionals who have gone through staff training and development, then contact us now at Ausbright Facilities Management. Whilst our company is young compared to the other cleaning companies in Melbourne, our key personnel have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the provision of quality cleaning and associated services.

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