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The Importance of Using Non-Toxic Products for School Cleaning Services in Melbourne

17 June 2019

When you are in charge of an educational facility, one of your many duties is to ensure that it is clean and sanitary each day for the students, staff members, and others who enter its doors. Over the years, various cleaning products have been used for school cleaning, but all of them have not been free of toxic chemicals. Research proves today that these solutions cause a wide variety of problems that negate their overall effectiveness. Below, we provide you with the reasons why it is important to use eco-friendly or non-toxic products for school cleaning services here in Melbourne, Australia.

Non-Toxic Products Will Not Cause Negative Skin Reactions

Since these products do not contain caustic chemicals, they will not burn the skin or cause other skin issues if someone comes in direct contact with them. The cleaning crews can use these solutions without the need of gloves as a result. Also, they will not leave harmful residues on surfaces.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solutions Do Not Emit Noxious Fumes

Your school’s air quality will be healthier to breathe due to the fact that non-toxic cleaners do not emit strong fumes that can cause respiratory distress. This is especially beneficial for those students, staff members, and visitors who suffer from allergies or asthma.

You Will Preserve the Ideal Condition of Your Furniture and Surfaces

Another important reason to use these toxin-free cleaners in your school is that you will preserve and protect the ideal condition of your surfaces and furniture. The reason for this is that these solutions are gentler for cleaning than the toxic ones are for all parts of your school while being just as effective.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Cleaning Schools Are Safer to Use in Eating Areas

In the cafeteria and other eating areas, it is safer to use the non-toxic cleaners. After all, you should not have chemicals in these areas since they could contaminate the food in a worst case scenario.

Using Non-Toxic Products for School Cleaning Also Safeguards the Outdoor Environment

In addition to the above reasons to use non-toxic cleaners, you will not harm the outdoor environment with the disposable of cleaning solutions. They will not taint the atmosphere, groundwater or soil, which keeps plants, animals, and humans safe as well.

To receive high-quality, professional cleaning services with only non-toxic products for your school, turn to Ausbright Facilities Management. We are so dedicated to cleaning in this manner that our company has developed its own ‘Enviro-Green-Clean’ plan to follow when we deliver any of our school cleaning services.

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