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The Most Challenging Areas to Clean in a Corporate Office

12 January 2021

A corporate office is basically comprised of numerous rooms that can be tiring to clean, especially those that have spacious dimensions. However, the real challenge of cleaning these rooms is when specific areas have been bombarded with dirt, dust, and other elements that make them dirty and unhygienic.

Frequently used or touched surfaces often lead the list of cleaning professionals whenever they are performing cleaning activities. However, there are specific areas around corporate offices that they often prioritise and clean as they have been overlooked by many people due to their location. Some of the most challenging areas to clean in a corporate office that professional cleaners can clean are as follows.

Tops of Cabinets

Some areas of the offices may be filled with cabinets intended for storing documents and other important things. While they can be cleaned effectively by general cleaners, the top portion of the cabinets seems to be left out all the time. And as dust builds up on this specific area, the number of allergens that a specific room may contain can be ultimately harmful to people. With the correct tools and cleaning agents, all the accumulated dust on cabinet tops can be easily removed through wiping them with a wet rag.

Light Fixtures

Corporate offices are known to be illuminated by a lot of lights for a long time. And since these lights are turned on almost all the time, the chances of cleaning them are minimised tremendously compared to other fixtures. Additionally, some light fixtures are installed around 12 feet off the ground, which makes it even more difficult for general cleaners to reach them and remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Fortunately, professional cleaners often come with tools that allow them to access light fixtures easily.

Under the Furniture

While the tops of the cabinet normally accumulate dust and cobwebs, the bottom portion of furniture pieces such as tables and chairs are often filled with crumbs, dust, and other similar elements. Some of these dirty elements can be cleaned through a vacuum and other similar cleaning tools. However, others tend to stick on the surface of these furniture pieces and slowly deteriorate their overall composition. To clean these furniture pieces, their edges and hard-to-reach surfaces must be vacuumed thoroughly.

Carpets and Rugs

Other areas in corporate offices that can be difficult and challenging to clean are carpets and rugs. Furniture pieces with upholstery can also be challenging to clean as they tend to attract dirt, dust, and other elements easier compared to those without any added fabrics. Carpets and rugs likewise share the same characteristics of upholstered furniture pieces. Additionally, any liquid spills over their surfaces make them not only dirty to look at, but they can also make them emit foul odour after a long time.

These areas may be challenging to clean, but with cleaning professionals, they can be reverted to their original state and condition without any difficulty. To acquire high-quality corporate cleaning services, feel free to contact us at Ausbright Facilities Management.


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