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Top Considerations When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for Banks and Financial Institutions

09 October 2018

Just like other public buildings, banks and financial institutions need to be clean and sanitary each business day. This ensures that these establishments are both attractive and healthy for all who enter into them to either work or to conduct some sort of business. The most effective way to maintain this level of cleanliness is by hiring a professional cleaning company to deliver an assortment of cleaning services on a regular basis. With this being said, you might be in a quandary on how to find the right one for your bank or financial institution. For this reason, we offer you the following top considerations when hiring a professional cleaning company for establishments of this nature.

Research the Reputability and Experience of the Cleaning Company

Read reviews, schedule an initial visit and ask plenty of questions to learn about the reputability and experience of the professional cleaning company before hiring it. Also, ask for references to further discover the quality of work that the company delivers.

Does the Company Perform Background Checks on Employees?

You should also ensure that the company performs background checks on its employees in order to guarantee your safety and that of your establishment. After all, banks and financial institutions contain highly personal information about their clients along with possibly cash and other valuables on-site.

The Cleaning Company Should Offer a Wide Assortment of Services

Any cleaning company that you hire should provide a wide variety of services such as:

• Office cleaning
• Bathroom and toilet cleaning and disinfecting
• Window washing
• Carpet dry and steam cleaning
• Stripping and resealing hard flooring
• Pressure washing for parking lots and other areas of your exterior
• Waste removal and management
• Other cleaning and maintenance services

Delivery of Services Needs to Be According to Your Schedule

Another top consideration is whether or not the professional cleaning company provides its services according to your needs and schedule. After all, you deserve your building cleaned to your specifications and needs and not some one-size-fits-all plan.

Will the Cleaning Crew Use Only Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Techniques and Solutions?

Today, you should also ensure that the cleaning crews from the company use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and techniques to prevent any damage to the environment and to protect the health of your workers, visitors and clients. Since there is so much information today about the dangers of toxic ingredients, more and more people expect businesses to be more conscious about the health of the building’s environment. Eco-friendly solutions and techniques for cleaning accomplish this along with other modern practices.

For further details about the top considerations when hiring a professional cleaning company for banks and financial institutions, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. We are experts in this field and deliver quality results to all of our clients.

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