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Types of Emergency Cleaning in School Facilities

14 June 2017

Emergency cleaning services in school buildings are vital for the necessary upkeep of such busy facilities that are in use every day of the week, providing educational, sports and social programs for children and teenagers. Although regular maintenance and cleaning routines are always needed, there are times when emergency events or circumstances require fast, specialized attention and cleaning expertise. These unexpected events or situations are very rarely predictable, and for this reason, they must be handled quickly, without prior scheduling or planning. Emergency cleaning services that are performed in school facilities when needed can vary from simple room or area cleaning to cleansing and sanitizing of an entire floor of a school facility or even an entire building interior.

Green Measures Used to Protect Children and Teachers During Emergency School Cleaning

Top quality emergency cleaning services structure their cleaning practices to ensure ideal Occupational Hazard and Safety measures and to incorporate healthy, safe and effective green cleaning products and practices in their cleaning services. Hygiene and quality cleanliness are given top priority, and eco-friendly cleaning agents used are bio-degradable, non-toxic substances in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, teachers, administrators and other staff members of the school as well as the cleaning crew working on the premises. As an extra precautionary measure for protecting both the environment of the school’s classrooms, lunchroom, gym and other areas, all cleaning equipment provided by the professional cleaning service is colour-coded to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination of different areas of the school facility’s interior spaces.

Different Types of Emergency Cleaning Performed in School Facilities

Varied types of emergency cleaning services performed by professional cleaning services in Australian school facilities include the following:

• Hygiene Washroom Services. – All school washrooms require regular, thorough cleaning. Especially if a plumbing problem occurs with overflowing toilets or backed-up floor and washbasin drains, all washroom surfaces, including toilets, urinals and basins are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected using effective green cleaning and sanitizing agents. Soap and hand sanitizing dispensers are cleaned and refilled regularly and especially as a part of any cleaning after plumbing issues.

• Waste Cleanup, Management and Removal. – All waste materials are cleared from school buildings and grounds on a regular schedule. Whenever the school facilities are used for community events, provisions are made for pickup and disposal of all extra garbage and waste products to keep the classrooms, auditoriums, lunchrooms, athletic facilities and other areas used by students, teachers and staff members clean and germ-free.

• Gym and Poolside Cleaning. – Gym floors and walls as well as poolside areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently with eco-friendly cleaning products. Because harmful germs and bacteria can accumulate rapidly in areas used by students for exercising and sports practice or events, neglecting the careful cleaning and sanitizing of these areas could create a serious health hazard or emergency for students, faculty and other school staff.

• Post-Water-Leakage Sanitizing. – Any time there is a major water leak in school buildings, the entire area where the leakage occurs must be completely cleaned and disinfected with green products. Stagnant water left on floors, walls, desks and other surfaces in school facilities can become contaminated with bacteria and toxins, which can cause infections and illness for students and school staff members.

• Pest Control.
– Whenever school buildings are infested with rats, mice and insects of various types, these areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using environmentally compatible cleaning and disinfecting products. Afterward, green pest repellents are used as a preventive measure against future infestations.

All of the above eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing procedures are used to maintain school facilities in excellent condition, safe, sanitary and healthy for use by students, teachers and other school staff. By engaging the professional green cleaning services of Ausbright Facilities Management, with head offices in Thomastown, Victoria, you and your entire student body and school staff will be assured of fast, highly effective emergency cleaning services whenever the need may arise.

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