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Washroom Hygiene Solutions for Commercial and Public Areas

29 August 2017

The best quality Body Corporate Cleaning companies today offer comprehensive hygiene procedures for ensuring the thorough cleaning of washrooms in commercial buildings and public areas. Especially in busy commercial buildings, complexes and conference facilities as well as shopping malls, community centres and public transportation facilities, maintaining the cleanliness of washrooms can be challenging for commercial cleaning and maintenance crews.

Even well-trained and experienced cleaning teams must have use of the latest cleaning and disinfecting equipment, cleaning agents and techniques in order to keep these heavily trafficked areas clean and suitable for everyday public use. Only when the most effective, safe and eco-friendly cleaning products and tools are used can today’s office and public building facilities cleaners qualify as responsible and health-conscious maintenance professionals.

Quality Washroom Hygiene Solutions for Modern Commercial Buildings and Public Spaces

Good quality cleaning practices and procedures for excellent hygiene solutions in modern commercial buildings and public areas today include the following:

• Industrial Surface Scouring and Waterjet Equipment. – When industrial strength scouring equipment is used to clean all flooring, wall surfaces and fixtures in public washrooms on a regular schedule, these heavily used rooms can be maintained in healthy condition for daily use. By using waterjet cleaners that spray walls and floors with high-powered mixtures of safe, effective green cleaners and water, surfaces can be evenly cleansed and purified. These procedures will help eliminate the buildup of harmful bacteria on these washroom surfaces as an important part of the cleaning crew’s thorough cleaning solution.

• Highly Effective Eco-Friendly General Cleansing Agents. – Even general cleaning agents for public washrooms must be highly effective as well as environmentally friendly in order to meet currently acceptable cleaning standards for public areas that receive steady and ongoing use. Because it takes regular applications of these cleaners to maintain high cleanliness standards, it is essential that they are approved green cleaning agents to prevent harm to the environment. At the same time, even eco-friendly cleaning products must be strong and effective to combat germs, bacteria and dirt that accumulates in public washrooms and adjoining areas.

• Strong Green Disinfectants. – Disinfectants that are not harmful to the environment are also essential for effective cleaning of public washrooms. Especially when cleaning bathroom toilets and other fixtures, cleaners must ensure that all surfaces and drains are purified using green disinfecting products to completely eliminate germ-spreading bacteria, mold, mildew and dirt.

• Sanitary Receptacles and Closed Trash Bins. –
The placement of clean receptacles for sanitary product disposal and the constant maintenance of clean trash bins with self-closing lids are also essential for keeping public washrooms clean and safe for everyday use. Only when all trash is well-contained and removed frequently can washroom users be assured of well-cleaned and safe restroom facilities in public areas.

You can rely on Ausbright Facilities Management providing comprehensive washroom hygiene solutions to Melbourne and all surrounding regions to resolve all your issues and concerns for ensuring highly effective cleaning of commercial and public area washroom areas in your community. This highly trained and skilled company of Body Corporate Cleaners will clean and maintain these areas thoroughly, keeping them in excellent condition for safe daily use by the public.

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