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Ways to Keep Fitness Centres Clean and Inviting

06 March 2020

Fitness centres cater to people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This place also motivates people to exercise for their own good through various trainers. Different fitness equipment can be found in fitness centres, which are frequently used by a lot of people. Depending on your fitness centre, your place might be already contaminated with germs and bacteria without you knowing.

The spread of bacteria and germs in fitness centres usually comes from the equipment and tools that are used by different people. Without proper cleaning, these dirty elements can come into contact with other people, which can cause widespread disease because of your fitness centre.

Operating a fitness centre entails a few extra jobs aside from maintaining your equipment and helping your members to have a sound mind and body. You must also maintain the cleanliness of your equipment, restroom, and other areas of your fitness centre. Remember, people always want to work out in an environment that is hygienic. So, maintaining a clean fitness centre is a must if you want to attract more members in the long run.

To help you out, here are some ways that keep your fitness centre clean and inviting.

Monitor the Important Areas

As the owner of the fitness centre, you already know the usual places where most of your members work out. You might want to designate some of your employees on these places for them to regularly disinfect the equipment. You must also monitor your restrooms and locker rooms, as these rooms usually contain more germs than your fitness equipment.

Offer Gym Equipment Wipes

There are times that all your staff will be pre-occupied with cleaning and other daily tasks. To maintain cleanliness, you can offer clean equipment wipes to your members so that they can personally wipe and clean the equipment.

Set-Up Hand-Sanitizer Dispensers

One great option in maintaining the cleanliness of gym equipment is by setting up non-alcohol-based hand-sanitizer dispensers on your fitness centre. This type of hand sanitizer is safe not only for your members but also for your equipment. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can chip and degrade the covering and component of your fitness equipment once they touch the surface.

Promote Cleanliness with Reminders

The overall cleanliness of your fitness centre can only be achieved if your members will also do their part. You must promote cleanliness with reminders through posting signage around the area. You may remind them about proper hand sanitation, correct use of equipment, and many others.

Take Note of Received Complaints

If you receive any complaints about your fitness centre, you must not take this personally. Instead, use these complaints as a way to improve your facility. Your staff can also address the issue right away if the problem is urgent and require immediate assistance. Your prompt actions with issues and complaints create an impression that you are serious about giving quality service to your members.

The aforementioned actions can help you keep your fitness centre clean and inviting to your existing and prospective members. If you want to know more about cleaning your fitness centre, you can give us a call at Ausbright Facilities Management.

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