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Ways to Make Supermarkets and Other Commercial Facilities More Sanitary

13 December 2019

Since so many people work and visit supermarkets and other commercial establishments each business day, it is imperative that they are as hygienic as possible to prevent health issues from occurring. If you are an owner of one of these establishments, it falls on you to learn the best ways to accomplish this goal. We are here to help you with this task by pointing out the following effective ways to make your establishment more sanitary.

Wipe up Spills Immediately

Spills can be a breeding ground for germs and other pathogens regardless of where they occur. For this reason, you must remove them immediately and clean the area thoroughly.

Clean Restrooms Multiple Times Daily

Without correct cleaning, restrooms are full of numerous types of pathogens that can cause illnesses and skin conditions. It usually takes multiple cleaning and restocking sessions each day to maintain sanitary bathrooms correctly.

Deli Cases Should Be Immaculate for Safe Food Showcasing

To showcase food hygienically, the deli cases must be clean and free from contaminants. Otherwise, the contaminants will make the food unhealthy to consume.

Clean Checkout Stations More Than Once a Day

Train cashiers to keep their checkout stations clean and tidy throughout the day. While you may have other personnel to clean these stations periodically, the cashiers will be able to do so in between regularly scheduled sessions.

Keep Walk-In Coolers and Freezers Organised and Clean

In order to maintain hygienic walk-in freezers and coolers, you must not only rotate the foods correctly according to their sell-by dates, but you need to also clean and disinfect these areas with food-safe solutions and methods. The latter goes for all the surfaces, such as the floors, ceilings, shelves and walls. Of course, you must also keep the food items at the proper temperatures.

All Surfaces Need Cleaning and Disinfecting

Any tables, counters, shelves and seating throughout your establishment need wiping off and disinfecting to ensure that they are completely hygienic to use.

Do Not Forget to Give Your Floors the Proper Attention

Whether your building contains carpeting, hard floors or a combination of both, you need to understand that they are loaded with dirt and pathogens since people traverse on them many times a day. Hard floors require sweeping and mopping several times a week while carpeting needs vacuuming and shampooing regularly to maintain their ideal, sanitary condition.

Hire a Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Company

One last way to improve the hygiene of your supermarket or other commercial facility that we need to mention is to hire a commercial cleaning and maintenance company, such as ours of Ausbright Facilities Management. We specialise in cleaning and maintaining a wide assortment of commercial, educational and other types of facilities.

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