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WC & Urinal Sanitising Services: Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Bathroom Management

01 May 2019

Commercial buildings receive such a large amount of foot traffic that their bathrooms require close attention to stay in a hygienic condition each day. This can be a daunting task without the proper management approach to accomplish it. You do not want to fail at this since it can negatively affect the health of all who use the bathrooms in your establishment and can ruin your company’s reputation. For all these reasons, we provide you with a guide about everything you need to know about commercial bathroom management in the information that follows.

Determine the Right Cleaning Schedule for Your Bathrooms

At times, once daily is often enough to clean and sanitise your bathrooms while at other times, multiple daily cleanings are necessary to keep up with the usage demand. Set the schedule that is the most efficient for your needs.

All Bathroom Fixtures Require Thorough Cleaning and Disinfecting

A quick wipe of the surfaces is not sufficient to thoroughly clean and sanitise your bathrooms. It takes scrubbing to perform the job in the right manner along with effective cleaning products, disinfectant solutions and equipment.

Floors Need In-Depth Cleaning

The floors in the bathrooms also require daily cleaning. At times, spot cleaning might be needed, though, in case of toilet run overs or spills.

Removal of Mould Is a Priority

Keep constant watch for mould growth in your bathrooms. These rooms stay so damp that they provide the ideal environment for mould to thrive and spread in easily. Mould is unsightly and unhealthy. The same goes for mildew.

You Must Keep the Bathroom Air Smelling Pleasant

Use not only cleaning methods and disinfectant solutions to keep the air smelling nice, but you should also utilise air freshening units. The units come in fragrance and pure air models.

Consumables Also Require Continual Restocking

Toilet paper, paper towels, soap and any other consumables that you select to offer in your bathroom will need restocking whenever they run low. Restocking may take numerous times during the day to accomplish correctly.

Proper Disposal of Waste Also Is Part of Commercial Bathroom Management

Whether it is the disposal of paper towels, sanitary napkins or other bathroom consumables, they need the correct waste management to ensure that they are disposed of in a safe, hygienic way. Sanitary napkins and tampons even require special containers at the side of the toilets to guarantee that women do not flush them down. They can clog the toilets is why we state this emphatically.

To learn additional details about commercial bathroom management, contact Ausbright Facilities Management. We provide a wide range of efficient WC and urinal sanitising services that help you perform this management to perfection. Also, our company offers other quality cleaning and property maintenance services that you may need for your building and grounds.

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