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When Gym Facilities Become A Health Hazard: Why Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

12 June 2018

While people join gym facilities to improve the condition of their bodies, the opposite can happen if the facilities are health hazards instead of clean and sanitary. The gym members can wind up with all sorts of issues ranging from mild skin reactions to serious illnesses. When membership numbers are not what they should be at your fitness facility, you may need to investigate whether your sanitation and cleaning procedures are what they should be to ensure the well-being of your members. If you find these procedures to be lacking and the source of your membership problems since your facility is causing health issues, the best solution is to hire a professional cleaning company.

Examples of How Improperly Cleaned Gym Facilities Pose Health Hazards

• One way that your facility can spread germs and pathogens is through different people using the same piece of equipment without cleaning it in between uses. This takes more than occasional cleaning to correct, and you will need to train your employees and members in proper cleaning procedures to prevent this issue.

• Floors can be damp in certain areas of the gym, such as the locker room and bathrooms. Moist areas like these are perfect breeding grounds for fungal infections. Ringworm is an example of this type of infection and for this reason, all members should wear some type of shoes when traversing these areas.

• Another health hazard that gym facilities can pose when they are improperly cleaned is the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA through contact with surfaces that contain this strain of bacteria. MRSA can be tricky to get rid of and serious when it is misdiagnosed.

Why Professional Cleaning Is the Only Solution for Unsanitary Gym Facilities 

If your facility is a health hazard, the only viable solution is to hire a professional cleaning company. We say this due to the fact that this type of company has the expertise to perform a thorough cleaning on a regular basis that also sanitises all areas of your gym from the locker room to the office. The company also will perform in-depth cleaning on all of your workout equipment.

For additional information about why you should hire a professional cleaning company when gym facilities become a health hazard, contact Ausbright Facilities Management. We expertly clean and sanitise all types of fitness centres from medical ones to commercial ones. Our crews use only eco-friendly products and methods that comply with all current Quality Assurance policies and OH & S standards.

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