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Why Floors in Childcare Facilities Must Be Cleaned Regularly

02 July 2019

Childcare facilities take care for our precious children at least five days a week, if not more. For this reason, they must keep their buildings immaculate to ensure the health of the kids. This holds true for all of the surfaces as well as the floors. Many owners of daycare establishments overlook the importance of the floors receiving regular cleaning, and this can negate their efforts to create a completely hygienic, safe environment for the children to be in during much of the week. To help you understand why we state this so emphatically, we share further facts in the following:

Foot Traffic Tracks in Dirt, Dust and Other Undesirable Elements Onto the Flooring

Parents, children, staff members and others track dust, dirt, pollen and other unwanted substances onto the childcare establishment’s flooring. These can make the flooring unattractive as well as unsanitary if you do not remove them regularly.

Kids Spill Their Drinks and Food on the Floors

On top of the above unsavoury elements, kids will spill their food and beverages on the floors. Children also have been known to vomit, urinate and defecate on childcare floors. All of these require immediate cleanup, especially the last three.

Pathogens Can Grow and Thrive on Dirty Floors

Disease-causing pathogens thrive and grow out of control on unclean floors. Kids can become ill easily when they come into contact with these pathogens in a childcare facility day after day. These illnesses include influenza, colds, serious respiratory problems, and other issues.

Many Childcare Activities Take Place on the Floors

Another reason to clean your daycare facility’s floors regularly is the fact that many of your daily activities for the children take place on the floor. Both playtime and educational activities may require the children to sit on the floor. Also, they take naps on the floors.

Regular Cleaning Keeps the Floors Hygienic and in Ideal Condition

Cleaning your centre’s flooring regularly not only keeps it in a hygienic condition, but it also maintains its ideal physical condition of it. You even may prolong its projected lifespan just through proper cleaning. The reason for this is that many of the substances that make the flooring unhygienic also can damage it.

For further reasons why the floors in childcare facilities must be cleaned regularly, consult with Ausbright Facilities Management. We professionally clean and maintain educational institutions all throughout the year, and this includes daycare locations. Our company also has received ‘Work With Children’ certification, and we have enacted an ‘Enviro-Green-Clean’ plan for our services for school cleaning. The plan guarantees that we use only bio-degradable, non-toxic solutions in the schools and daycare centres.

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