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Why Hygiene Services Should Not Be Taken for Granted By Commercial Businesses

07 November 2017

All commercial businesses today should take professional hygiene services very seriously to maintain clean, safe working facilities for staff members. Aside from the ongoing need to keep offices, factories, restrooms and eating areas well-cleaned and free of dirt and debris, company leaders must realize the importance of ensuring that all work areas are free of germs and environmental toxins that can cause health hazards and employee illness. Also, accumulations of kitchen garbage and other trash can lead to pest infestations and additional health-threatening conditions. All reputable companies now comply with all OH&S requirements and recommendations in order to keep offices, factories, showrooms, community buildings, health clubs, schools and other buildings clean and safe for occupancy by employees, students and teachers or the general public.

Hygiene Services That All Businesses Need to Include in Daily Building Maintenance Services

Important hygiene services that all business owners and operators should take care to include in everyday building maintenance services include the following:

• Sanitised Restrooms. – Restrooms for company staff and guests, students and teachers, sports club members and the general public must undergo frequent hygiene cleaning and maintenance to protect the health of everyone who works in or uses any type of commercial building. All hygienic waste and other refuse must be removed during each cleaning session. In restrooms and athletic facility showers, all walls, floors and fixtures must be thoroughly cleaned and hygienically sanitised to prevent bacterial buildup, which can lead to the spread of germs that cause illness.

• Clean Kitchens and Eating Areas. – Kitchens in office buildings, factories, schools and other commercial buildings must be well-cleaned to prevent contamination of foods and food preparation utensils and equipment. In addition, lax hygienic cleaning procedures in busy kitchens can lead to pest infestation, with accumulation of pest wastes among stored food items. Only with daily cleaning of kitchens and adjoining eating areas in company facilities and disinfecting of floors, walls, tables and countertops, when needed, can a business ensure a healthy environment for workers.

• Eco-Friendly Maintenance of Loading Docks and Storage Areas. – Thorough cleaning of all loading docks and storage rooms in factories, schools and office buildings is essential for maintaining hygienic conditions throughout each facility. Poor cleaning habits in these areas can result in dirt and germs from delivery boxes or packing crates that are delivered and stored in uncleaned areas to contaminate kitchen food storage areas. This can lead to bacterial buildup that can affect foods before or during meal preparation, which can cause employee illness. Most companies today use eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure safe, hygienic conditions in all areas of their facilities for the benefit of all staff members, business associates and guests.

For excellent, advanced hygiene cleaning and maintenance services today, contact Ausbright Facilities Management, providing body corporate cleaning and facilities management services throughout Melbourne and surrounding regions. This expert team will offer top quality advice and comprehensive hygiene services to keep your commercial business facilities in clean, safe and healthy condition to the best benefit of your employees, your business associates and all other visitors to your company.

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