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Why Pest Control Should Be Part of Sanitation and Cleaning

22 June 2018

To ensure that your building is as clean and sanitary as possible, you should also include pest control in your routine building maintenance and cleaning plan. Otherwise, the various pests that can inhabit your building will negatively affect your building’s sanitation level. Simple cleaning methods do not always guarantee that your building will stay pest free. For this reason, you need to add special techniques and solutions to eradicate them from your property and prevent them from returning to or setting up house in your structure in the first place.

Rodents Can Enter Your Building through Small Cracks or Openings

The proper measures in pest control will close up any small openings and cracks where rodents can enter through to invade your building. A huge problem with rodents is that their scent can attract other rodents to follow them. If they happen to breed while in your building, you can wind up with a major infestation in just a short period of time. Rodents leave faeces in your walls, on your floors and even in the attic, if you have one. These faeces contain disease-causing organisms in them. When you own a food service business, the health authorities can close your place down until you clear up your rodent problem just for one example of why pest control should be part of your sanitation and cleaning master plan.

Roaches Are Attracted to Food Scraps

If you leave food scraps in cupboards and on the floors, they attract roaches, which also leave feces in their tracks similar to rodents. Roaches have been on Earth continuously since prehistoric times and for good reason, they are tough to eradicate and they multiply at an alarming rate. Not only do you have to eliminate their food source to control them, but you will have to take other measures to kill the ones that are in your building at present. It depends upon the nature of your business what measures you can enact since the food industry is governed by different rules than other businesses are on this matter. it is best to turn to a professional for the right solutions for your business.

Ants Bring Others with Them When They Enter Your Structure

You will very rarely see just one ant in your structure when there is an issue. Ants travel in groups. To rid yourself of these critters, you must treat the interior and exterior areas of your building since you need to locate the hill where they are living.

The above are some examples of why pest control should be part of your sanitation and cleaning plan. Contact our company, Ausbright Facilities Management, to receive quality commercial cleaning, maintenance, pest control and other pertinent services to ensure that your building and property are attractive and sanitary at all times.

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