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Year: 2018

Regular Floor Cleaning and Maintenance in Office Buildings: A Business Necessity

Blog | December 13th, 2018

Part of maintaining an office building is ensuring that the floors receive proper cleaning and maintenance throughout the year. While you may understand this completely, you might wonder why we consider it a business necessity to perform these actions. If you think that people who enter your building do not notice your floors, think again. […]

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Holiday Cleaning for Businesses in Melbourne: What Makes This Important?

Blog | December 3rd, 2018

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may have plans for entertaining employees, clients, stockholders and investors to show that you appreciate for their hard work, business and/or support during the year. To prepare for any of the special events connected with these plans, it is important to ensure that your building is clean and sanitary […]

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The Value of Having a Very Clean Commercial Building in Melbourne

Blog | November 19th, 2018

Most commercial buildings have multitudes of workers, clients and/or others come and go on a daily basis. This makes them difficult to keep clean each day, but it is vital to do so for many reasons. Not only does it maintain a healthy place for people to enter for a variety of purposes, but it […]

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Holiday Season and Year-End Cleanup Checklist for Commercial Buildings

Blog | November 14th, 2018

Since the holiday season and the year’s end are both quickly approaching, it is time to ensure that your commercial building is ready for the festivities and next year’s business operations. We offer the following checklist to go by to ensure that you perform all necessary cleanup tasks to prepare the building in the ideal […]

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Top Considerations When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for Banks and Financial Institutions

Blog | October 9th, 2018

Just like other public buildings, banks and financial institutions need to be clean and sanitary each business day. This ensures that these establishments are both attractive and healthy for all who enter into them to either work or to conduct some sort of business. The most effective way to maintain this level of cleanliness is […]

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Spring Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Blog | September 24th, 2018

Once a year your building and property will benefit greatly from an in-depth spring cleaning. With this type of cleaning, you should hire a professional company to perform certain tasks that are necessary only occasionally instead of daily, weekly or monthly. This prepares your building and surrounding property for the rest of the year, so […]

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On Public and Common Bathrooms: WC & Urinal Sanitizing Services

Blog | September 11th, 2018

Oftentimes, businesses and other entities neglect their public and common bathrooms. As a result, their employees, patrons, visitors or others cringe at the thought of having to use them at all. Also, a dirty, unsanitary bathroom can cause health issues. If you own public property of any nature, you must learn about the merits of […]

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Hospital Cleaning and Removal of Bad Odours

Blog | August 27th, 2018

While it is important for all public facilities to be thoroughly clean, sanitary and odour free, this is even more crucial in hospitals. After all, with all of the sick patients, staff and visitors coming and going, there are a multitude of germs and other pathogens lurking around every corner that can cause serious diseases […]

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Builders’ Cleaning and Post-Construction Clean-Up Services in Melbourne

Blog | August 14th, 2018

Once you finish your construction projects, you also will need to hire reputable builders’ cleaning and post-construction clean-up services in Melbourne. After all, you cannot sell or lease your projects until the building and surrounding areas are free of dirt, dust and debris. To undertake the cleanup on your own, is overwhelming at best, and […]

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Microfibre Technology and Its Significance in Commercial Cleaning

Blog | July 24th, 2018

Today, there has been important innovations made with tools available to commercial cleaning companies that help make their task easier and more efficient. One such tool includes the microfibre technology that provides highly effective and durable cloths for cleaning and dusting. As a result, professional crews can complete the jobs in less time than if […]

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