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The Role of a Sanitary Disposal Service in Ensuring Health and Hygiene Standards

23 March 2023

Businesses can get rid of their sanitary waste in a way that is secure, considerate, and kind to the environment when they utilise hygiene waste disposal. Not only is this vital for preventing the transmission of infections and diseases, but it also guarantees that you are following the rules that are in place in Australia.

We provide you with hygienic disposal bins, a fully trained representative who will perform regularly scheduled visits to your premises, removal of sanitary waste, and a full waste transfer certificate that verifies that you comply with Australian waste legislation when you use Ausbright’s sanitary waste disposal service.

Why is it critical to ensure that sanitary waste is disposed of responsibly?


Did you know that the garbage can where used sanitary products are thrown out is a woman’s riskiest spot in the bathroom? Even if they are emptied daily and cleaned every once in a while, these bins constitute the greatest health danger in a bathroom. This is why it is vital to utilise a professional disposal service when disposing of waste.

Not only do the items contained within these bins put us in danger of catching a sickness or disease, but the bins themselves may also be a significant risk to our health if they are not properly cleaned. They are customarily positioned next to the toilet, an inherently unclean and unhealthy location. When we flush the toilet, a mist is produced every time. This can include everything from hepatitis A and C to salmonella and E. coli, and if trash cans aren’t properly sanitised or disinfected, the germs that cause these diseases can live on them for months.

Serves To Preserve the Natural World

People shouldn’t put garbage that has to be disposed of in the bathroom down the sink or toilet, but if there are no trash cans around, they don’t have any other option. Not only may this result in costly costs for drain cleaning, but it also contributes to the contamination of our water systems and our beaches. Blocked drains may result in toilets that are not functioning properly and unpleasant odours, which you want to steer clear of as much as possible if you have clients visiting your premises.

Observance of the Legislation Governing the Disposal Of Sanitary Waste

Your firm will be guaranteed to comply with the rules in place in Australia if it follows the standards for sanitary waste disposal. Infractions of any of these restrictions can result in fines that have no upper limit and can be detrimental to your company’s reputation.

Improves The Overall Quality of Your Restroom Facilities

Naturally, you want to be able to provide your employees with clean restrooms that are also secure and comfortable. This is a significant consideration if you have clients or customers coming to your offices. You can further improve the quality of your sanitary facilities by selecting bins equipped with the Biofresh insert. This product contains an anti-microbial agent, an insect repellent, and a pleasant citrus aroma, all of which contribute to its incomparable freshness. In addition to offering unbeatable smell control, this product also offers unbeatable freshness.

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