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School Cleaning Services: Keeping School Premises Spic and Span for Everyone

19 July 2016

When a school environment is unclean, it is easy for germs, bacteria and mould to grow and thrive. As these elements multiply, students, teachers, other staff members and visitors are at risk of health problems. For this reason, all educational facilities need to employ professional school cleaning services to remove dirt, dust and debris from […]

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Office Cleaning and Its Positive Impact on Employee Productivity

30 June 2016

This year’s focus seems to be on keeping your home and office clean, and for good reason. Current research verifies that regular house and office cleaning is parallel to productivity. In fact, businesses are at risk of having a negative impact when the environment is disorganized, cluttered or dirty. Moreover, studies show that office cleaning […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses

20 June 2016

Maintaining the cleanliness of a large commercial building, or a corporate compound of various buildings and offices, can be a huge headache for some operation managers. Whether a company owns commercial properties or rents them, the level of cleanliness is an indication of good management. From restrooms to work stations, escalators and hallways, exterior areas […]

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